Provide the following documents   in case the student is accepted :


  • Four (4) Passport photographs.
  • Copy of Student's Passport + Copy of RP (Non Qatari)
  • Copy of Student's Birth certificate.
  • Copy of Parent's Passport (With copy of Qatari ID for Qataris) + Copy of RP if Non Qatari.
  • Copy of immunization card.
  • Copy of latest 3 reports from previous school.
  • Transfer letter from previous school.
  • Health report from year1.
  • Health Card Copy
  • Copy of court order if parents are separated.
  • If fats passed away, death certificate to be provided with guardian court order. 

Registration Fees:

  • 5100, for new student registration & Seat reservation (Nonrefundable)
  • 2000, Partial payment for Electronic Bag Starting from Y4 New registration.
Note: Conformation of registration must be done within 3 days of the acceptance or Students loses her seat.

Document Needed

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