A very warm welcome to Al Maha Academy for Girls.

It is both a privilege and an opportunity to lead the secondary school here at Al Maha Academy for Girls. I am an experienced international school leader from Ireland. Educating international students has given me the capacity to empathise with their perspective on the world. Together with a thorough grasp of the educational means whereby their needs and aspirations can be informed, directed and met.

As educators, we engage with our pupils at the most critical phase of their transition from childhood to maturity. We receive them on trust from their parents and society and are under both a moral and a statutory duty to work in partnership to ensure that they realise their potential to become good and successful citizens. We aspire to develop learners who are outstanding human beings, active and participatory citizens and exemplary members of their community – contributing to the development of a successful society.

At Al Maha Academy for Girls, we aim to provide educational excellence. For us, this is not only a responsibility to achieve high academic standards but also to foster a love of learning in our girls. It is our belief that this passion will carry our pupils to success in whichever road they choose to travel. We look forward to working with you to develop our girls, who will question without inhibition, embrace challenges without reluctance, and seek knowledge without fear.

This is a school which is also committed to individual, personal nourishment, including the development of an intelligent moral, spiritual and ethical compass which will help our girls successfully navigate whatever obstacles they may face in life. Good schools value and foster relationships with parents and families. The power of inspirational adults working together to raise a child’s confidence and performance should not be underestimated.

At Al Maha Academy for Girls we will nurture innovation, vision and resilience. We will equip our girls with the skills that will help them to solve problems that we do not even know are problems yet. With your support our students can make the impossible, possible.

I wish every success to your child for the coming academic year and I look forward to meeting you all.

Fionnuala Doherty
Head of Secondary AMAG

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